Scrape-off Policy

Redevelopment of existing Denver Water customer properties (scrape-offs)

Denver Water defines a "scrape-off" as the removal of a structure down to the foundation, or changes that occur to the footprint of the structure, or another level that is added to the structure.

Failure to comply with the policy described herein will result in further action, up to and including revocation of the water supply license.

Additional information is available through Denver Water Operating Rules, Chapter 9.04.2, and Engineering Standards, Chapter 3.18.

The following process will help you determine what action to take.

If your original tap date is 50 years or older:

The tap will be required to be cut at the main within 60 days of demolition/scrape-off and the water meter must be returned to Denver Water. The tap cut must be witnessed by Denver Water.

If your original tap date is newer than 50 years: 

Depending on the tap size and location related to the new structure’s water demand and alignment, the tap may be able to be reused. Any tap to be reused must remain metered at all times and meet current Denver Water Engineering Standards. If the existing meter yoke does not include a valve with lock-rings, the meter yoke will require replacement.

Depending on your site conditions, here is what to expect:

For meters located inside the structure to be demolished/renovated:

The meter must be moved by the owner to an outside meter pit prior to demolition. The new outside meter pit shall meet current Denver Water Engineering Standards. Call Meter Inspections at 303-628-6145 to schedule an on-site evaluation of the new meter setting.

Or, the tap must be scheduled to be cut by the owner and witnessed by Denver Water. The meter can be removed after the tap is cut.

For meters located outside the structure:

If the tap is approved for reuse, the meter must remain accessible and in line during demolition and construction.

Prior to the certificate of occupancy being issued, schedule an appointment with Meter Inspections at 303-628-6145 for a final inspection of the meter pit.

If the new structure requires a new larger service:

The existing tap must be cut within 60 days of completion of demolition and the water meter must be returned to Denver Water.

Prior to beginning construction on the new structure, contact Meter Inspections to verify the new tap and meter location.

Policy revised September 2014.